Your All-in-One Solution for Effortless Course Planning at Princeton University. Experience a seamless blend of modern design and integrated features, simplifying your academic journey. Explore, plan, and succeed.

Three apps, one platform

Effortlessly plan your courses with seamless integration


Your ultimate semester planning companion, ReCal+ empowers you to effortlessly design your ideal academic calendar, explore multiple schedules, and pinpoint classes that match your time and requirements with powerful advanced search capabilities, all while ensuring your classes never clash with custom blocks for non-course events. Stay updated with notifications for class slot openings, while the customizable interface simplifies academic scheduling.

Inspired by ReCal.

CourseGenie (Coming 3/17)

With CourseGenie, you can embark on an enriched academic journey. Seamlessly chart all four years, matching your aspirations with major, minor, and certificate requirements, presented in clear and comprehensive layouts. Experience data-driven insights as you explore course ratings, historical trends, and other statistics. Elevate your choices with an AI-driven course suggestor, ensuring a personalized and successful academic path.

Inspired by TigerPath, PrincetonCourses, and TigerSnatch.

ReqTree (Coming Summer 2024)

A visually dynamic app that transforms prerequisites into technology trees (found in games like Civilization), ReqTree visually maps out the intricate relationships between class prerequisites, allowing you to navigate through your academic journey with clarity and foresight. Through its intuitive interface, you can easily explore the progression of course requirements, revealing a comprehensive view of the academic landscape and enabling you to make informed decisions about your path.

Inspired by TigerMap.

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